piątek, 28 lutego 2014

Programming. How to start?

So would you like to become programmer but you do not know how to start? Here you go 

First of all you have to choice in which language you would like to create your own stuff. It might be c, c++, c#, java, delphi, php, html etc (I typed most popular programming languages) Here are  Full list

All of these languages has their own pros and cons, for example:

I programming in C# because it's really easy to understand and "noob friendly" so benefits of C# are:

  • Easy to learn
  • Very popular
  • Alot of libraries and free sources etc
  • Net Framework

Of course this is not all benefits of C# but I mentioned only these which will be understantable for not coders.

If you want something harder then take a look on C++ because its great language and benefits are as follow:
  • Compiled file no need dependencies
  • Very fast
  • Very stable application
  • Popular
  • You could do everything with c++

Another choice is deplhi or java. Delphi is very similiar to C#, java could be run under mac, linux (only if java is installed) 

Anyway, lets say that your choice will be C#. What's now?
Now, you have to choice compiler. Personally I use visual studio 2010 because I think its the best compiler so you can download it from this link http://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/download-visual-studio-vs#d-2010-express and click on Visual C# 2010 Express.

After installation run Visual Studio 2010.
You will see this:

Click on "New Project" and now you can select which .net framework you want to use and what kind of application form. 

Well, you can use .Net Framework 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0 but you do not know which one to set.
I will explain it:

The newest version is .Net Framework 4.5 which is for Visual Studio 2013 but we got VS 2010 so for us it is 4.0.
.Net Framework 4.0 contains newest libraries, methods 
.Net Framework 2.0 do not have everything but it is still enough to coding

So which one? 
If you are going to code an application for windows XP(latest version) and you are worried about that your application won't work then you should choice .Net Framework 2.0 because if someone do not have installed .Net Framework 4.0 on winXP then he have to install it to run your application. 
In fact these days most windows have installed .Net Framework 4.0 but still there is a chance that someone still using winXP with only .Net Framework 2.0.

Now you can select windows forms or console. Windows forms got gui which console don't.
Let's pick up windows forms.

So you will see now this:

On the left side you can click on Toolbox and you can use these components in ur project by click and drag it into form or 2x mouse click on component.

So lets click and drag Button on form. After that you will see button and you can change name of it and code it. 
To change name of button click on it only once and you will see properties in right side, here you can change text :)
If you want to code it then click twice on button and you can start coding ;)

Lets make something really simple, like a message after click button.
All what you have to write is

  private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

Now press control + F5 and here you go ;) its your first application :)

Few tips:
If you want to start coding and make new application you can use google its very helpfull ;) For example:
c# how to make calculator
c# how to check IP etc :)

That's all for today.

See you soon



At the start I would like to intoduce to you :)
So, I'm Radek - 23 years old and I live in Poland. In my free time I like to programming, play games and all other things which make me happy :]

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Ok, so I think thats all ;) See you soon